1. Light Your Cigarette歌詞

「Light Your Cigarette」の歌詞 SHANK

2010/8/4 リリース
A spring day
I got a train ticket super cheap
And I road the train for a long time
Without uttering a word
Today sure was a long hard day
Don't ask me about tomorrow
It's kind of complicated
But I feel the need for words
It's better to keep it all simple
Now I just try to change the world
Around you and me
It's like changing into a clean shirt

It's no big deal
I'm just me
There's nothing I can do to change it
What is needed is some cheap emotion
Just like lighting your cigarette
It's not a pretty word
I won't run away anymore
I won't run away from here

Hey superstar
You're always surprising me
I seem to be different from you
But one thing's for sure
I can see the scenery that you lost
So I won't run away any more
I won't run away from here