1. WILL歌詞


2000/1/19 リリース
Where do we go? I have no idea where we are going.
What is waiting for us ahead?
Nobody knows about such a thing.

What is it that I'm feeling?
Is it excitement or worry?
I have had such a feeling a long time ago
since when I was a child.

Do I have uneasy feelings about my future?
It's not wrong. I'm sure that I'm afraid.
So what? But I believe in willpower.
So I'll have a strong will.
Do your will, now's the time.
I will be me!

Yeah, get out of my way. I'm getting down to
life to have some fun.
Don't be in my way, as I will do my will.
Where there's a will there's a way.
So, don't stand in the way.