1. LIAR歌詞

「LIAR」の歌詞 Smash up

2009/1/21 リリース
You are a liar.
I was deceived.
The phantom made me empty.
You are a liar
The back side of your smiling face
You are a liar.
My heart got a pain
I am already a lonely lonely dog.
Am I who still trust you foolish?

I cried over the last day.
There was no question in your words.
It was better to know nothing.

My feeling does not change all the time.
Is this a bluff?
The fact does not change.
Confirm truth for yourself.

Don't let a rumor confuse.
You are deceived.
Teach why the lie was told.
Truth is hidden.
In your heart,an evil spirit is with an angel.