「L.E.D Ghosty」の歌詞 SuG

2010/3/27 リリース
Close the Door
The signal of the opening.わがものがおでtwist
壁掛かべが時計どけいはりめたらmake a play

Rock with you
Rock with me

tick tak tick tak tick tick tak tak
tick tak tick tak tak tick tick tak

That's making me jumpy. Feel like a roller coaster.
Get into mischief.邪魔じゃまさせない
やみくぼくらのアウトラインはcool ya cool ya cool ya Zoku-Zoku
Give me a CANDY otherwise I kill youuuuu!!

Open the Door
The signal of the ending.満足まんぞくげにsmile
壁掛かべが時計どけいはりうごきだしGo to bed and"Good morning"