1. P!NK masquerade歌詞

「P!NK masquerade」の歌詞 SuG

2009/11/18 リリース
Paint. Paint. Dye it to pink.
The secret of the masquerade.

つきをなぞって Invitation の Kiss. boom it,,,,Ah.
恍惚こうこつわらう How we do My Baby, It's a Show time!

Hey bounce me! Give hot stimulation to me.
Hey scary? Go easy on to say die.
What garbage! 無垢むくあくで dress up, and make up, let's stand up
らないで そう

Gonna B 〝FREE〟 Anything goes うばいつくすわ
Glossily! Can you do? やみにくちづけ
To nobility! like the cat. あたしのいろめてあげてやるわ

Why not be more optimistic? あそりないの
Are you with me still, now?

Gonna B 〝FREE〟 Anything goes おもうがまま
Glossily! Can you do? The meaning of nothing.
To nobility! like the cat. あたしのいろめて

既製品きせいひん価値観かちかん善人気取ぜんにんきどり stupid
純度じゅんどたか快楽かいらくなみおぼれさせて Mr.ミスター