1. don't stop da muzic歌詞

「don't stop da muzic」の歌詞 SuG

2010/9/1 リリース
まずはSPXのKicks おどむね成功せいこうのJinkx
Time 4フォー×4フォー the Success いざかん そうつきてろknives
Hey Dj そうさdon't stop da music!

Gimme the mic and hard the BPM.
Just like a Game?Not! Rest in peace.
What do you want? What do you want? あまことなくあいすぜaround the world
Turm me on! Turm me on!And hurry up!More than 絶頂ぜっちょうのhighをくれ
Are U ready to Die? 爆音ばくおんまか未体験みたいけんZoneへとはいになる

'Coz I need'Enough only in it.
bother me! sexy feeling So I will kiss you.

knock block off,knock me a kiss

Can you feel that never ending pain.
もっと貪欲どんよくにさぁ こわがらなくていいさ かんじるままに そう
You need more time to see to think.