「BAD BOY」の歌詞 The Beatles

1988/8/9 リリース
The bad little kid moved into
my neighborhood
He won't do nothin' right
Just been sittin' down looks so good
He don't wanna go to school
And learn to read and write
Just sits around the house and plays
the rock & roll music
All night
Well he put some tacks on teacher's chair
Busts your normal love affair
Now junior
Behave yourself
Buy every
Rock & roll book on a magazine stand
Every dime that he gets always off
to the juke box man
Well he waters it
And keeps it till at night
He's a ready to poop
From rock & rollin'
Spinnin'in a hulla hoop
Well this rock & roll has gotta stop
Junior's head is not enough
Now junior
Behave yourself Ah!
Ah! Aw!
Gonna tell your mama
You better do what she said
Get to the barber shop
And get that hair cut off your head
Rude to the nannies and you're better
to the neighbor's cat
You gave the
Cocker Spaniel
A better mother's
Launderin' man
Well this mad romance has gotta stop
Junior's head is hot enough
Now junior
Behave yourself Fu! how lucky you are, boys