「PRODIGAL SON」の歌詞 The Rolling Stones

2002/8/27 リリース
Well, the poor boy took his father's bread
And started down the road,

started down the road
Took all he had and started down the road
Goin' out in this world, where, God only knows
And that will be the way to get along
Well, the poor boy spent all he hed
And famine come in the land,
famine come in the land.
Spent all he had
and famine cnme in the land.
Said, "I believe I'm gonna hire me to some man
And that will be the way I'll get along.
Well, the man said, "I'll give you a job, boy,
To feed my swine,
Boy, to feed my swine.
I'll give you a job boy' to feed my swine"
And the boy stood there
and hung his head and cried
Because that's no way to get along.
Seid "I belive I'll ride, believe I'll go back home
Believe I'll go back home
Well believe I'll ride, I'll go back home.
Go down the road as far as I can go
And that'll be the way to get along.
Well, the father said,
"See my son coming after me,
Coming home to me"
The father ran and fell down on his knees,
He sung and prayed
"Load, have mercy on me," I said
Well, the poor boy stood there,
Hung his head and cried,
hung his head and cried.
The poor boy stood
and hung his head and cried, yeah
Said, "Father, will you look on me as a child?"
Well tfather said to the eldest son
"Kill the father calr and call the family round.
Kill that call and call the fam'ly round.
My son was lost and now he is found".
Cause that's the way for us to get along, hey