1. Sugar - reminisce over 90's -歌詞

「Sugar - reminisce over 90's -」の歌詞 UNCHAIN

2010/7/7 リリース
Masafumi Sato,Masanori Tanigawa
Masanori Tanigawa
I know you love me so much
Everybody knows that in my hood, yeah my girl
It's my mistake tonight's a date with another girl
Can't miss a chance!!

Hook, line, and sinker I've got you babe
I dreamed up an excuse all night long
You're feeling lonely, you miss me so
I read your mind between the lines of your reply

(You should know)
Everybody loves me so
(You should know)
But, I love you the most
(You should do so)
Please, believe in my words all the way
(You should do so)
Don't call me baby, tonight I'm at work

We could make a lovely home one day
I can hardly wait until we get married, yeah
We could make a lovely baby one day
I can hardly wait to see our baby

You have to stop making a feint
You don't have to pretend to be so tough