2011/3/16 リリース
VERBAL,Lucas Valentine
Lucas Valentine
I want it all... all... way above the ceiling
bigger bigger than arenas higher than Burj Khalifa
want it all... all... so you can see how I'm feeling
visualize what I feel
so you can Google Earth my feeling from the
Skies, satellites Capricorn One
let's take it back to the days when everything's all fun
I want it all... all... I miss them days
why we gotta paperchase, but oh wait I like to paperchase
if I can't take em when I die why bother
yes I gotta lotta shit Prada shit, that I got when I Globe trotted this
bitch, saw the end of four corners
get the tip of four corners tie em up, and bag it home
wabt it all... all...
till the day I fall
till the till the day I crawl
till the day I hit the wall
I want it all... alll...
from the early morn
till the till the breakadawn all I wanna do is yes yes y'all

ALL...ALL...ALL... I want it ALL...ALL...ALL...

All I wanted was to be accepted
Looked up to the local heros, wanted them to see my style
wanted them to see me wild, wanted them to see me flow
wanted something really simple, but they just neglected
said that I don't fit the stereotypes they invented

so I left their world and created my own
just a diamond in the rough, but the vision's my own
who'd a ever known, that my vision was about to blow now I got
diamonds by thousand carats but that's old news
let bones out the closet, let the truth be told
I did my way, and owe it all to the people
the people, the people, the people, that put they trust in my reasons
people, the people, the people, that remained believers
shout out to the people at the label yeah, they know
shout outs go to NIGO yeah he showed the world as he knows
shout outs go to YOON, yeah we AMBUSH the dudes
shouts go to KOZM, the beginning of the new
like that...