1. Giant Skips歌詞

「Giant Skips」の歌詞 WHITE ASH

2012/7/4 リリース
rove and sevenent to more than real
i gun in raw the mind this ride on tip
brow wive the still if motion i got it idea
re i ve still make done it you ramaninic

you wrode a starve make up to know the see
i fever ぶ you hummer the radio tick
i've you the sord the richew amelden tea
a get i fen soul to 朦朧もうろう the stray van on me

you say no rolly dawl i so you
mistery there rold your rights on
no you wore the see draw
おと 網羅もうら so you wist to
maze it rold your rights on
oh you fit in madonna

a fairy minute son the time in deep
you we get strive you hey may undone near thing
curely nextraction the galana tee
of get up to molder reon the crap

all the seven emotion the gao won thus lee
this trauma i ray you taildies the gaver to me
are you worra netsy a lastiny evil to be aciton
the so me having you are making done of right

the garant to know the wrallen to will
eve allet to ustin

agger no ronely so my or you wister
me there art your rights on
oh you roll the me'd wrow
end goal line 聡明そうめい were you sister
we dare rold your rights on
oh you wore the see draw うよ