1. Wake It, Make It歌詞

「Wake It, Make It」の歌詞 WHITE ASH

2013/8/21 リリース
just praking on main this
tine are live on track in the mid on nast to you
and see when 何度なんど rend
not to wait on try a make it turner ake It taught to way たい
you're safe in nearst on you
the すpick it in rome and detern in you
the node is at fin on the lot うれいてない
this tin can not a rot mond a new dive

nobody helps
one lifeなら上行うえい

says going on way
the mest i lips on knock on
the wed end rot in you
on baby and so win they not too late
on tern i corner with little construction eyes you
will are the champ is on the gone you went
in this lust are used to be the wonder lander
nand a quest under casting ont 幽体ゆうたい

so make lonelies
tuberdess fran to make it now and know this
fether gaft to rap it now for lent to little it tie
to fed me
so master on preppy
and i rond えらんで gone a finne
could a rap and nad so afraid in not to light

you save in
strar and not to rock in is...
yes strar and not to rock in is...
yes strar and not to rock in is will in die