1. Take 5歌詞

「Take 5」の歌詞 XL

1111/11/11 リリース
Smooth to rhyme
Cause I got things on my mind
Troubles, worries, think
Tell me where's the missing link
So let's kick back and relax
Bust a move to a brand new groove
The jazz that's all the way live
Kick off your shoes man
Take 5

I wanna get paid, take a chill
Get laid in other words
Relax to the max from dust till dawn
Out in the back yard and cut the lawn
It ain't hard to try
'n' stay alive
I'm a chill, Take 5

Every time I take a trip through the mind
A sign, a rhyme some kind of words combined
And easy to comprehend
So easy that I had to mention
Respect the text
'cos it ain't no jive
Take a break or better yet Take 5