「Melina」の歌詞 enie meenie

2008/7/16 リリース
Today is your special day.
I will make you an artistic cake.
And I will decorate a room with flowers and pictures.
I can imagine your face of when you enter the living
You will get angry. Because You, Darling, hate to be

(alcohol!!) But you will get (drag queen!!) into a better
mood as soon as you find freesias and roses.
Your favorite flowers.

I invited many friends. Let's celebrate your birthday.
Don't be shy. Party is waiting.
Change your clothes into evening dress.
Yes. Over and over, I will splendidly celebrate.
I promise you never forget the day when you were born
in this earth.

(alcohol!!) Even after you (drag queen!!) you passed way.
It's more important to me than the day you've gone.
Because in a true meaning, you will always be with me.

You were so romantic that I can't satisfy you.
I used to pretend not to be in love with you.
I hid our love from the general public.
I believed that the only way to protect it from enemies.

But you acted very different. You kissed me on the street.
As if everybody gives us their blessing.
Dancing on the center floor. Swinging my body around.
You showed me your best smile.
Simple and innocent. These are words for you.
Sometimes you act willfully, but still lovely.
Yes, everybody loves you.
So please don't sing a sad lullaby.
Please live forever in my heart, and be my soul. Forever.
Now I call out your name to the world. So please don't
close your pretty eyes. Please live forever in my heart,
and be my soul. Forever. Forever.