1. portmanteau歌詞

「portmanteau」の歌詞 locofrank

2010/6/16 リリース
A digital alarm, woke me up today, just like any other day
I'm still not ready, but that I do not care
Time crept in and when my body woke
Felt like a bowling ball came right down on my head

Everyday I see dreams, morning sun came in
It feels like the view is different this time
Every time I feel it, and think the same again
Every day's the same I think it sucks

What will happen next, that's something that no one knows
If you hesitate, might as well believe nothing
What will happen next, well nobody wants to know
Just let out a cry and strike the, body that's about to burst

My thoughts inside keep breaking apart
I force them together, but it was pointless, really didn't mean much
Time crept in I had to pack my bags
Vibration in my, pocket kept knocking my leg

I crawl get tread on, but keep searching for something
Still can't see above, all the spiral stairs ahead