1. relations歌詞

「relations」の歌詞 locofrank

2008/6/4 リリース
Wake up from your sleep,
rinse all of the sadness that you had till yesterday,
you've gotta rebuild yourself today

Didn't know, what I'd be able to do now
Hit, it'll sound, didn't want it to be that simple so

Pulse, beat of my heart keeps beating so fast
Changing all the finite sounds into weapons then they melt
melt into a new doorway
Anything can change in this world
When you were dreaming a new dream I hope you bear a part of me

Is this the place for me? I feel it's way too small for me
I don't care where, please can you release me, set me free?

But now I know, what I'd be able to do now
Hit it, it'll sound, didn't want to be that simple so