1996/5/14 リリース
Don't be impatient
Good things come to those who wait
Hear what I'm saying
Love takes time it's the only way

So won't ya use a little imagination
Just for a while...oh yeah
A little more anticipation
Can heat up the fire
It's getting better now the longer we wait

It takes a little more time
Before the time is right
It takes a whole lotta love
To give me what I like
It takes a little more time
But I'm gonna make it worth the wait now
Don't stop don't stop

Touch...a little lower
I say when and that's far enough
Move...a little bit slower
Nice and easy just the way I want

Am I more than just your infatuation
Is all I ask...oh yeah
Ya know you're gonna have to prove
You want a love that lasts
Don't need a driver with a one track mind

It takes a little more time
You know it won't be long
It takes a whole lotta love to give me
what I want
It takes a little more time
And you know we're more than half
the way now
Don't stop...don't stop

Slow down the music till the rhythm grinds
I'm gonna show you just the way I like
We're gonna get there and there's no
need to rush
I'm gonna treat ya to the best of my love

It's gonna take more time
It's gonna take more...
Wait a minute