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My Mom 歌詞

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My mom loved valium and lots of drugs
that's why I am like I am cause I'm like her
because my mom loved valium and lots of drugs
that's why I'm on what I'm on cause I'm my mom
Verse 1
My mom my mom, I know you're probably tired of hearing 'bout my mom oh-ho whoa-ho
but this is just a story of when I was just a shorty and how I became hooked on va-al-iu-um
valium was in everything, food that I ate
the water that I drank, fuckin' peas on my plate
she sprinkled just enough of it to season my steak
so every day I'd have at least three stomach aches
now tell me, what kinda mother would wanna see her
son grow up to be an under-a-fucking-chiever
my teacher didn't think I was gonna be nothin' either
what the fuck you sticking gum up under the fucking seat for
Mrs. Mathers your son has been huffin' ether
either that or the motherfuckers been puffin' reefer
but all this huffin' and puffin' wasn't what it was either
it was neither, I was buzzin' but it wasn't what she thought
pee in a tea cup? Bitch you ain't my keeper
I'm sleepin', what the fuck you keep on fuckin' with me for?
slut you need to leave me the
fuck alone I ain't playing, go find you a white crayon and color a fucking zebra
Verse 2
Wait a minute, this ain't dinner this is paint thinner
"you ate it yesterday I ain't hear no complaints did I?
now here's a plate full of pain killers, now just wait 'till I
crush the valium and put it in your potatoes ya'
little motherfucker I'll make ya sit there and make that re-
tarded fucking face without even tastin' it
you better lick the fuckin' plate you ain't wastin' it
put your face in it, 'fore I throw you in the basement again
and I ain't givin' in, your gonna just sit there in one fuckin' place finnickin' till next Thanksgivin' and
if you still ain't finished it, I'll use the same shit again
then when I make spinach dip it'll be placed in the shit
you little shit wanna sit there and play innocent?
a rack fell and hit me it K-Mart and they witnessed it
child support your father he ain't sent the shit
and so what if he did, it's none of your dang business kid!"
My mom, there's no one else quite like my mom
I know I should let bygones be bygones
but she's the reason why I am high on what I'm high on
Verse 3
Man I never thought that I could ever be
a drug addict naw, fuck that I can't have it happen to me
but that's actually what has ended up happening
a tragedy, the fuckin' past ended up catchin' me
and that's probably where I got acquainted with the taste ain't it
Pharmaceuticals are the bomb ma beautiful
she killed the fuckin' dog with the medicine she done fed it
feed it a fuckin' aspirin and say that it has a headache
"here want a snack you hungry you fuckin' brat?
look at that it's a Xanax take it and take a nap
eat it" but I don't need it, "well fuck it then break it up
take a little piece and beat it before you wake Nathan up"
alright ma you win, I don't feel like arguin'
I'll do it, pop it gobble it and start wobblin'
stumble hobble tumble slip trip then I fall in bed
with a bottle of meds and a Heath Ledger bobble head

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