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A lot of people ask me... where the fuck I've been at the last few years?
Shit, I don't know.. but I do know, I'm back now ha-ha!
Here comes the rain and thunder now
nowhere to run, to run to now
I've disappeared, don't wonder how
looking for me? I'm underground
here comes the rain and thunder now
nowhere to run, to run to now
I disappeared, don't wonder how, looking for me? I'm underground
Verse 1
Dre I'm down here, under the ground dig me up
broken tibias, fibula's yeah fix me up
60 sluts all of 'em dying from asphyxia
after they sip piss through a Christopher Reeves sippy cup
Dixie cups, toxins boxes of Oxy pads
enough Oxycontin to send a fuckin' ox to rehab
wack job in the back in a black stockin' cap, jacking off to a hockey mask, at a boxing match
"he cant say that!" Yes he can, I just did faggot, now guess again
better text message your next of kin
tell 'em shit's about to get extra messy especially when
I flex again, and throw a fucking lesbian in wet cement
faggoty-faggoty-faggoty Raggedy Ann and Andy
no Raggedy Andy and Andy
no it can't be, it can't be, yes it can be
the fucking Anti-Christ is back, Danny, it's Satan in black satin panties
this is Amityville calamity
God damn it, insanity pills fanny pack filled with Xanies
through every nook and cranny, looking for trannies, milk and cookies
spilt on my silk negligee lookie
razor bl-ades with me to make you bl-eed
cases of Maybelline makeup lay on a table of weed
Slim Shady shit sounds like a fable to me
'till he jumps out the fucking toilet when your taking a pee
Verse 2
Six semen samples, seventeen strands of hair
found in the back of a van after the shoot with Vanity Fair
Hannah Montana prepare
to elope with a can opener or be cut open like cantaloupe on canopy beds
and Glad bags, yeah glad to be back
cause last year was a tragedy that landed me smack dab in rehab
fuckin' doctor, I ain't understand a damn word he said
I planned to relapse the second I walked out of that bitch
two weeks in Brighton, I ain't enlightened
bitin' into a fuckin' Vicodin like a I'm a Viking
oh lightning is striking, might be a fucking sign that I need a psychic
evaluation, fuck Jason it's Friday the 19th
that means it's just a regular day
and this is the kind of shit I think of regularly
fuckin' lesbian shouldn't of had her legs in the way
now she's pregnant and gay, missing both legs and begging to stay
Verse 3
Tell the critics I'm back and I'm comin', to spit it back in abundance
hit a fag with onions then split a bag of Funyuns
mad at me? Understandable
cannibal, shoot an animal out of a cannon and have him catapult at an adult
Captain of a cult with an elite following
to turn Halloween back to a trick-or-treat holiday
have Michael Myers lookin' like a liar
swipe his powers, replace his knife with flowers and a stack of flyers
hit Jason Voorhees with a 40
stuck a suppository up his ass, and made him tell me a story
gave Hannibal Lecter a fuckin' nectar-
ine and sat him in the fuckin' fruit and vegetable section and gave him a lecture
walked up Elm Street with a fuckin' whiffle bat drew
fought Freddy Krueger and Edward Scissorhands, too
and came out with a little scratch, ooh
lookin' like I got in a fuckin' pillow fight with a Triple Fat Goose
insanity can it be vanity? Where's the humanity
in having a twisted fantasy with an arm and leg amputee
Straight jacket with 108 brackets
and a strap that wraps twice around my back, then they latch it
cut your fuckin' head off and ask where you headed off too?
get it, headed off too? Medic this headaches awful
this anesthetic's pathetic so's this diabetic waffle
and this prosthetic arm keeps crushing my hard taco

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