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よみ:すたー おぶ まい すとーりー

Star Of My Story 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
You are the star of my story
Every day of my life is dedicated to You
With all the fame and the glory
You are the star of my story

You made it happen
I'm livin' a dream and it's all 'cause of You
You are my passion
The soul and the fire in all that I do
Behind every standing ovation
Red carpet night there You are
You are my inspiration
They call out my name but You are the star


You made it happen
You lifted me up for the whole world to see
Roll the camera say action
And the next thing I knew I had the world at my feet
You are my star in the sky
You put my name up in lights
And I want the world to know Your name
Because to me You'll always be my star


You are the light (yes You know that You do it for me)
That makes me shine
Every breath that I take, every word that I say
You're here every night
Yeah, You're working through my life

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曲名:Star Of My Story 歌手:Stacie Orrico