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This Christmas 歌詞

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This Christmas I'll try to be good
No new year's champagne headaches
No resolutions
This Christmas I'll try to be good
No mistletoe make-outs
This time I promise

(verse 1)
This year I won't give in to my old friend the holiday blues
And when I go home I won't let myself
Eat too much or argue with my mother
New Year's Eve I won't be sad and be jealous of all the happy couples
This year I'll grow up and I'll get over you


(verse 2)
I won't be victimized
By Christmas sales or 2-4-1 offers
Won't max out my credit card
And then convince myself that I deserve to
Won't be the fool at the office party
Drink too much because I'm single
And this year I promise to
Finally I get over you


This year
I'll be the good one (I'm gonna be a saint)
This year I'll try to be good (try to be try to be try to be)
This year (yeah this year)
I'll be the good one (I'll feed the kids)
This year
I'll try to be good

(chorus 3*)

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曲名:This Christmas 歌手:sweetbox