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よみ:くりすたる ららばい

Crystal Lullaby 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Listen to the song he sings
Can't you see his music brings her
Crystal sleep

As her heavy eyelids fall
He's taking her to where the dolls

Rule the world

And in that land of make believe
Is where he'll leave her sleeping
Softly warm
In a crystal lullaby

He's weaving her a paper castle
Where dancing clowns with tassels made of fur
Welcome her into their world
That lives inside the dreams
Of every little girl

She's guarded by a brave tin soldier
Sitting on her shoulder
Taken there
In a crystal lullaby

Sometimes when I listen to
The velvet song that fills a summer afternoon
Something deep within me sighs
And wishes for the peaceful skies
Of long ago

* That wrapped my cares
In silver air
And carried them away
Leaving me
And a crystal lullaby

(* Repeat)

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曲名:Crystal Lullaby 歌手:Carpenters