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よみ:おー のー!

Oh No! 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
I wonder if you ever found what you searched for?
'Cause if you did I wanna know if you found it and then throw it away, just like the things we've been through?

And I wonder
Do you think your decision was right?
'Cause when I look into your eyes I can see that you're so different now
I see a stranger looking for a smile

I said:"Go!"
Don't try to explain 'cause I don't think it's worth it anymore
And you said:"No!"
Just try to forget and leave it behind you
But I don't think I can do
'Cause I just wanna be with you

I wonder whatever happened to us?
And I wonder, where did our love get lost?
I wonder, what are you afraid to lose?
You're running away from it all
Just like if you we're ashamed
When feelings get in your way

Oh no, let's forget how this started
After all it's Saturday night
I wanna go shake it out on the dance floor
Just like we used to do before
Just like we did in the good times
Yeah, forget about the bad times
And just remember the good times
Let's get rid of the bad times
Do you remember the good times?

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曲名:Oh No! 歌手:Caitlyn