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よみ:らすと ないと

last night 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
last call, unaware of all my surroundings.
off guard, and your cue to begin your scheme.
i took a chance, you took my heart,
and then you took all my money.
i was blind-sided by a smile
that wasn't what it seemed.

i'm talking about last night.

your mouth was making words that seemed
at the time, very sensible.
your body trembled,
and secretly called my name.
you said,"can i see you later?-
cause i'd like to spend some time with you.."
how could i know that it was only just for show?-
cause when the lights came on,
you were gone,
i was standing all alone.

last night.

rock bottom is where you'll find me
if you really want me.
rock bottom-
with the other victims of your game.

now i'm on the floor.
and i'm back for more,
and i'm praying to be your prey.
now you're not so sure.
more than you bargained for?

last night.

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曲名:last night 歌手:Orson