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よみ:のー わーく, おーる ぷれい

No Work, All Play 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Some people go through life like it's a breeze
They float their way through days and never feel the grey
And their tears fall but they don't sting
Their temporary marks not always from the heart

They live lightly
Breathe so easy
No digging in
To what's within

No work all play
What a mistake
Let the clouds roll in and fill the sky
Get that melancholy feeling inside
And work on yourself
Don't run from the pain you've felt
You don't have to slide
Life's not one big high

Sometimes it's hard looking at yourself
You'd rather place the blame
Than point it your own way
I still do hide from my feelings myself
But I'm trying hard these days
Not to procrastinate
And face my fate
Stay on my case


No one is perfect
No one's the same
We've all got problems
We haven't faced
The challenges well they'll make you strong
Don't put them off for too long
You gotta know yourself to be yourself
You gotta do it all the way
You gotta know yourself to be yourself
And it's a struggle every day


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曲名:No Work, All Play 歌手:Hilary Duff