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よみ:ぷれい うぃず ふぁいあ

Play With Fire 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
I can't believe it's really you
Been so long, you look good
I hear you're doing really well
Don't ask me, let me tell you
How I've been since when you left
Since you left me for dead

Finally every tear has dried
I've wiped you from my life

Do you remember all the times you said you'd call me
'Cause I remember all the reasons people warned me

And now I hear you saying that you still adore me
But if you think I'd ever get with you again
Then you can just

Love me, love me
Feed the flame
If you want me back again
Burn into the sky
Higher and higher
Baby, can you play with fire

(Burn into the sky)
Love me, love me
(Far into the sky)
If you want me

You never know just what you got
'Til it's gone, you freak out
But I'm not falling for that game
Boys like you never change
You made me feel I wasn't enough
Wasn't enough for your love
But it was insecurity that made you run
It wasn't me

So don't you sit there trying to
Give me more excuses
I don't have time for this
I'm off to play in Houston
And I'm too busy with the million things I'm doing
You can't make up for what you've done
But you still try to be the one


Ooh, by the way, by the way
I've found someone who gives me space
Keeps me safe
Makes me sane
Found someone to take your place
Now I'm safe in his arms
And I decided only he can play with fire


I can't believe it's really you
(Love me, love me)
I hear you're doing really well
(If you want me)
Finally every tear has dried
(Love me, love me)
Can boys like you, boys like you
Play with fire

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曲名:Play With Fire 歌手:Hilary Duff