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All I See 歌詞

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Ohh ohh ohh x2

Verse 1
Weekend has arrived, everybody's trying to find
Something to get into
My friends wanna go out but I can't cancel my plans
I got a date with my baby he's taking me out
So I gotta catch up with you some other day
Gotta go can't make him wait

Tonight I hove to make sure I'm looking hot
'Cause we're going to our favorit spot
Till the morning we're gonna rock
Boy you knock me out yeah

My baby doesn't matter what's going on or who's around us
All I see is you
Right now they're playing our song
Dance floor is ours
All I see is you
The DJ's got me feeling like I did when I first met you
And there's nothing that can break us apart in two
'Cause all I see is you

Verse 2
I get lost in time when I'm looking in your eyes
And we're body to body
I don't want you to rush 'cause your feeling like heaven to me
Follow the rythm and keep it real close
In the dark everything goes
Nothing better then your touch, don't stop
Baby 'cause we've just begun


Mid 8
Ohh ohh ohh
Please don't let me go o o
My love for you's growing more and more and more
As we move across the floor o or
'Cause all I see is you x2
DJ spin my record again

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曲名:All I See 歌手:Kylie Minogue