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よみ:ざ でびる.

The Devil. 歌詞

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You say you're falling in love. I cry from heaven above. This time can only be kept... by those who never have wept. It's strange these things that we're told. Live fast and never grow old. Live fast and die in your shoes the devil, the devil, may choose
Heeee, liii Heee, liii
Keep up with wishes of sin. Your life will never begin. Cleanse now the scum in your soul. Out the lies, the lies you've been told. These things can always be found... in darkness, always in doubt. Look up, don't age with content. Get strong and go deep within
Heeee, liiii. Heee, liiii
You say, you're falling in love. Cry for shelter from heaven above. Release the sin that lives in your heart. Let the devil cry out in the dark. Lifestyle is taking its toll. Let yourself go just lose all control. Just 'cause you know you are bored. Don't you fall down upon your own sward
Heeee, liiiii. Heee, liiii, Heeeee, liii. He, I.

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曲名:The Devil. 歌手:The Rapture