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Southern belle(南部の女) 歌詞


2018.6.20 リリース
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I got the Alabama blackberry
Straight from sandy soils
Look like Halle Berry with a Badu soul
Got a sweet Georgia peach
Damn she so unique
Outkast on the speakers while I squeeze her 'til she leaks
Got that southern Florida orange
Damn she turn me on
Sex me like a porn, keep this Chicago boy warm
My Louisiana strawberry
We got plans to get married
When I get off tour, yeah

Southern belle, southern belle (Where my deacons at?)
Ring my line like dinner bells
I'll come through, yeah
Southern belles, southern belles
Can I get an amen?
I'll be back before dinner bells
Ohh, I'ma come through for ya (come through)
I'll keep ya loving on the stove baby
Keep it hot for me

If she ain't southern then she southside
Hit that Lakeshore Drive
Graduated from King High
Got Bronzeville in her eye
She my Michelle Obama
'Bout to meet my mama
Then take her to the White House let the whole world see ya
See, I'ma do better for you (yeah)
I know what I put you through (I believe you)
Plus your dad left big shoes
And if I'm gonna fill 'em then I gotta follow through, right?
I know just want you need babe
And I'm gon' do better

Oh, southern belle, southern belle
Huh, yeah, ring my line like dinner bells
Whoa, southern belle
Ring my line like dinner bells
Yeah, yeah
I'm gon' come through, yeah
Keep ya loving on the stove baby
I will, I will, I will
Keep it hot for me

If I was a basketball player (Which one?)
She'll be in the stands (okay)
Cheering me on, she my number one fan (yes I am)
If I was drug dealin' or a politician
She got my back I know
She's my Olivia Pope
If I never get a Oscar
Never get a Grammy
It could never replace the gems I got from your granny
She say
"You can have the fans of the world, huh, but that's nothing like a southern girl"
So, do you mind if I back this train up to the sunset baby?
Ohh, come on baby

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曲名:Southern belle(南部の女) 歌手:大西ユカリ