1. Loser!歌詞

「Loser!」の歌詞 土屋アンナ

2009/7/1 リリース
Anna-Maria La Spina Dan Gautreau
Anna-Maria La Spina Dan Gautreau
Once upon a time
There was a little boy
I think this story is strange for you
Life styles of the rich & so famous
He is simply sick & tired of those
Clear blue sky is dyed bloody red
The lump of desire is dancing in the air
The inside of the world is changing rapidly
Tonight is the night, I gotta do to get outta here

Intoxicate me BABY I'm rush
Rolling like a rolling stone & scream with me

YEAH a hungry fly kiss your brain
Watch out!!
YEAH You got your shield & sword
I'm your bad medicine

tick tick tack
Come & get me now
Baby I'm like a rabbit on the run
Hey Hey girl, are we ready now
Do you even know who you are?
I guess I'm trying to find

A sunny side up is dancing , screaming in my mouth
Rolling like a rolling a stone & screaming with me

(YEAH) I'm an animal in the sack
Bad man
(YEAH) My life is like a fairytale
Give me bad medicine

Come & get me while I'm hot
Let's your mind roam free
I want to drink your poison
Cuz , I'm your bad medicine