1. Beautiful Song歌詞

「Beautiful Song」の歌詞 CSS

2008/7/23 リリース
Adriano Cintra
Flying high on the rug
With the ones you know
With the ones you love
With the ones you trust
Riding the van, the bus,
the plane.... again
And hit the sounds
Needed air to breathe, needed work to kill
A nice tnblc to sit, a clean pillow to dream
Needed streets to ride, anodher day to start
Its better to break a bed, than to break a heart

I want to grow wrong.
If we do, we can stop the time tonight
Bring all the bad ones,
You know you got it raw and yes you got it right!

Feeding lies with stories, making up a weird glory
Young puzzles on dark lights,
Twisted minds, how we got it?
Numbers try to resist, through your watch they disappear
On our memories we can't trust, all the voices talk too much
On the photos you'll see what matters for someone
Like me, like he, like she...
Like me, like he, like she...
It's better to break a bed than lay down and sleep!


How many times, times, times, rimes... we've had good times?