1. Abandonment Star歌詞

「Abandonment Star」の歌詞 Emanuel

2007/8/28 リリース
Is this what you wanted? To watch me fall apart, to see me
self-destruct? (this is what you got)
Well I've got a secret, whoever drives you home,
Tell them to watch their backs. (ready or not)
Abandonment star,
Burning out in regret,
Where everyone can see.
When I pray for an end,
To celebrate the rust on,
All your weak machines...
Hey oil spill eyes, I'll be the drainpipe that sucks out your insides
(Pouring you out)
Here I am with my tongue in your mouth and you choke
And you choke,
But you just can't spit me out (ready or not)
All your weak machines,
That circle, overhead, and tear into my skin.