1. Cottonmouth歌詞

「Cottonmouth」の歌詞 Emanuel

2007/8/28 リリース
Out go the lights and she's so helpless, like an animal with all of its legs
broke. I'll give you everything that you want just once it's been done, you
can't go back.
We're all torn apart about you now.
Won't you let me have my way with you, cottonmouth?
I'll forever be inside of you, cottonmouth.
It comes in waves like I'm in then i'm out, but she arches her back and I
come to. She says if i take a look in your eyes, i'm a deer in headlights,
I'm paralyzed.
We're all beside ourselves right now.
So lose yourself.
And let go,
Of all the world,
Hanging onto you,
An image of white light,
Dissolve in their hands,
And stare at the sun until you go blind.