1. Let Them Die歌詞

「Let Them Die」の歌詞 Emanuel

2007/8/28 リリース
I wish I had someone I could drown,
Who'd promise to pull me down.
I've got a weakness, a way with words,
And somehow it keeps me around
All the world's inside your head,
Everything will rust.
Look what it's done to us.
See what it's done?
Hey, everything can be replaced.
If I said forever I guess I lied,
If you love someone you should let them die.
Hey, don't you wanna be rearranged?
If you surrender I'm on your side,
If you love someone you should let them die.
I wish I had something to get me high,
Just something to get me by
All of my friends are shit, and now they're dead,
I wish it was me instead.
Quiet. Don't make a sound and if you love me the most, then put me back
in the ground, and I swear to remember all that you were,
Just let me die.