1. BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT (feat.リュダクリス)歌詞

「BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT (feat.リュダクリス)」の歌詞 Kanye West

2004/3/24 リリース
Golly more of that bulls★★t ice rap
I gotta apologize to Mos and Kweli
But is it cool to rap about gold
If I told the world I copped it from Ghana and Mali
First ni★★a with a Benz and a backpack
Ice chain Cartier lens and a napsack
Always said if I rapped I'd say somethin significant
But now I'm rappin bout money, hoes and rims again
And its still about the Benjamin's
Big face hundreds and whatever other synonyms
Strippers named Cinnamon more chips then pentium
What you gona buy next? Whateva new trend it is
I'm tryin to spend my stacks till I'm so broke
Till I look back like damn was I on crack?
I mean 12 platinum chains was I on that?
What he hell was wrong with me dog sing the along with me yall
Even though I went to college and dropped outta school quick
I always has a P.H.D...a pretty huge d★★k
Ladies tired of gettin ripped off by guys like this
And givin head is like a whale thats usin a toothpick
Well I'm in the club for a limited time
Act now and get some action for $free.99
Later on I might charge for menage
Heard her man was the boss of the floss but she still
wanna toss me the draws
And it ain't gonna cost me because
She my caddy cause she grab my golf balls in the club
And I'm still action calm than a mug
She asked can you drive me to the 100's where her Altima was
While we drive she tellin me about problems with her man
Baby I fully understand let me help you with a plan
While he trickin off don't get no rich ni★★a
Give me some head that will really piss him off
I blow past low class ni★★as with no cash in a 4.6 bitch
you can go ask
So when I go fast po po just laugh right untill I run out of
gas or till I go crash
Whateva come first I'm prepared for the worst
Whateva come second I'll be there with a weapon
Pullin up in a Lexus's one in both hands
So I guess them GS's was ambidextrious
Could have swore her breast's were sending me messages
KI need a free hand mamoqram
I got weed, drink and a handycam
You say my name 3 times like Candyman
And I'm gona come and fix you up like a handyman
But if you don't need a fix girl you gotta leave
You can't take that all at one time you breathe