1. Making amends歌詞

「Making amends」の歌詞 Mumsdollar

2009/3/11 リリース
it's time, it doesn't make any sense at all
that you and me wouldn't start to talk
it's fine if you're willing to trade your call
and change the path you were made to walk

I said some things I would regret next time we met
two hearts will break its my mistake
come on lets ride to oceanside

and breathe
it will come to you suddenly
grab a hold of the next few words that I reveal
its time we made amends for old time friends
come take the wheel and hit the gas
let's recognise it's in the past

Get out, don't say its an autumn breeze
that took its chance to steal your soul
come out, don't say something just to please
I know my words they took their toll

I've done some things I will forget now we are free
Two hearts will shake and mend the breaks
come take the dust that's in my eyes

Seize the moment
please have mercy
this is not goodbye