1. I Ain't Worried歌詞

「I Ain't Worried」の歌詞 Rancid

2009/6/3 リリース
i ain't worried
about a goddamn thing
i hear them talkin'
i ain't listening

how many times did you tell me i was wrong
but i didn't listen to you and i only stayed strong
in a world where people don't hang on to long
i belong prove me wrong

out come the wolves in the lunar light
fight or flight you're wrong i'm right
talk to me straight man but be polite
you hear my scream 'cause this wolf bites

i'm matt freeman and i'm comin' in quick
i got a 64 merc and a clutch that won't slip
i, dont't give a goddamn what they say
i'm born and raised in the in the east bay

i take chances that most won't take
i get knocked down i won't break
get it clear and make no mistake
this town's filled with the rattle snakes
black brown white we're all punk rock
we're the kings of our low income block
blown out speakers skinheads mohawk
when we all get together ya the music won't stop