1. I've Got 10 Friends and a Crowbar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack歌詞

「I've Got 10 Friends and a Crowbar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack」の歌詞 Underoath

2005/10/4 リリース
Carried out the sound
Past our eyes horizon
I'm standing still
Waiting for this all to change
Now my hands are up
And I'm walking out
What do you expect of me

Did you think that this was all
An excuse for hospitality
I know you thinks all because of me

At first glance I'll breathe in
Leaving myself no room to move at all
My mind is so flooded
And I'm drunk with regret
Swimming in a sea of hope tonight
I'll find your hand and trace it with mine
As we push away with everything we have left

Oh you're acting on my words
We can start the fire that will light up the night
I wouldn't be too sure of you at all

We'll watch it burn together
On respective sides
We look so good as we fall

So go ahead and re-elect perfection
It's never looked as good
as it does on you right now
So go ahead and make an incision
I doubt I'll feel anything at all

A fake a fraud forked tongue and I'm nervous
At least I can say I made it out this time
And I am just fine where you have left me
As for you be sure to cover up your mouth

I don't know how to say this
My thoughts have just run out