「Young and Aspiring」の歌詞 Underoath

2005/10/4 リリース
So lets not even try you're right lets ball it up
and throw it out the window
It's becoming all so clear in my mind
I've thought this thing through more like once or twice
I feel that this is my last request to you

Hold your breath
Bottle it up and save it for the next one
It's safe to say we've been riding this all night
None of this will ever change your mind
It's never safe to rely on borrowed time
Now we're both undone and it's time
to open up your eyes

Consequence it's our need in times like this
Feeling free is our modern disease
You're a classic disaster with a knack
for losing your exterior
I'm so sick
From staring at the mirror

This all needs a break from you
And I'm used to this

I fear that I am just an end
So you'll play the mistaken
and I'll play the victim
In our screenplay of desire and I'm still writing
The letters I'll never send

Running in circles I cant forget how many times
I've played this in my mind

Feeling free feeling free
This is my panic this is my call to arms