Graduation Photograph 歌詞 A.S.A.P. 卒業写真 ふりがな付

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よみ:ぐらでゅえーしょん ふぉとぐらふ

Graduation Photograph 歌詞 卒業写真


2008.1.1 リリース
荒井由美 , Penny , Michael Himel
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友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
When I'm down feeling sad then I look
For your face in my old year book
I know your smile
And I love your warm and gentle eyes
It always sends my sorrows away

Good to know there's a friend
by my side
There's no words still it shows
in your eyes
How much you care
You know that I'll always feel you close
No matter how far apart we may be

As time goes by
I've seen how things can change
But who we are inside remains the same
You love me now as you did then
You'll always be more than a friend

Yeah yeah
Close my eyes let my mind drift away
To the time spent with you
those good old days
It's been so long
But seems like it happened yesterday
When we danced all night long at the Prom

And on the street so many things
have changed
That willow tree is all that now remains
Oh yeah
It's telling me there is no end
You'll always be more than a friend

As time goes by they say that
things must change
But who you are inside remains the same
I love you now as I did then
You'll always be more than a friend

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曲名:Graduation Photograph 歌手:A.S.A.P.