Hot Damn Featuring Ab-Liva, Pharrell & Rosco P.Coldchain / Clipse 歌詞 The Neptunes,Ab-Liva,Pharrell,Rosco P. Coldchain,Clipse ふりがな付

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よみ:ほっと だむ ふぃーちゃりんぐ あぶ-りば, ふぁれる あんど ろすこ ぴー.こーるどちぇいん / くりぷす

Hot Damn Featuring Ab-Liva, Pharrell & Rosco P.Coldchain / Clipse 歌詞

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Now they're saying we're too harsh
New verses please

Pharrell (Rosco) (Hook):
Hot damn, it's a new day
Hot damn, but them boys want the (money man)

Woo, woo, woo, hot damn

My how the boy's grown
From roaming, loc'in, come home, the home of his own
No catching up, he's in a whole 'nother zone
Still true to his roots, stay close to the chrome
Haters stay clear of him, y'all stand, cheer for him
Got up out the game and overcame, lets hear it for
Keep a new toy so I wonder how could
I not enjoy life, I'm reliving my childhood
Big chain, monster, whip game, bonkers
Monster truck remind him of Tonka
Diamond, F color, blush gold, still gutter
My deal is in the mil's, motherfucka and I ain't stutter
Bitter sweet, my life's a musical
From holdin all to bose gold, the Lord's beautiful
Before Him, I'm too shamed to show my face
But... so mean can't help but defer from grace


Hot damn, when that ---- hits the pan then
Twist and then tumbles, it, flips it and fumbles
I, mix it like gumbo, I, pictures so subtle
I keep hustling, puzzle fans
I got 'em wondering, wondering...
What happened to that boy
Six maneuver, how'd I slip into that toy
Is it the, pimp, the crook, a hustling thing
The man, the music, the making a king
I'm simply building my "Ming"
A million men marching like Khan, I'm the king
Calm the verse, making the world sing
My hearts on the sleeve for, dark faces just like mine
Peeking through bars, hoping the sun shines on 'em
But you still gotta watch the phony's, watch your
We got you homie


Pusha T:
Ughh, handle the rock like none other
Wrist over the stove, head under the cupboard
In the kitchen to the fume make me feel smothered
The way it melt feens can't believe it's not butter
The way it melt, he won't cop from none other
Then he who holds O's like Krispy Kreme's oven
Or easy bake, pink BB's make
The Presidental look like strawberry shortcake, P

Imagine that Rolls Royce crashed in, me unscratched
That Billionaire Boys Club fashion, uh
You niggas clones, I hand out styles like ice cream
Get the hell out of here

Pusha T:
That's for real, my get is real
SL5 is looking like the Batmobile
Chrome lips with the matching wheel, uh
Both chains probably match your deal
Y'all dudes is an act for real, Pusha


Rosco P. Coldchain:
Neither the sun nor death can be looked at
That's what an O.G. told me
That was the extract moment I decided to take a pack
And if you owed me and if I decided to take it back
It was likely to expect Rosco to put you back in place
I'm what you call a destructive warpath
It'll be --- showers in today's forecast
You gangsta, I can't tell
Your diamonds don't glimmer when the light hit it
Those jewels aren't genuine
Because if it was, I'm nice with it, I would have been
took that
That skinny stack in your pocket, I would have been
shook that
In this world you gotta watch it, I'm here to warn ya
Cats turn informer, over snow wrapped in wax
My son's home crying, don't give me no slack
Just put the mothafuckin' money in the bag
These words are being said as I hide behind glove and
Coldchain not your typical crook, I'm being watched
Look at the camera lens in the bush


Hot Damn Featuring Ab-Liva, Pharrell & Rosco P.Coldchain / Clipse / The Neptunes,Ab-Liva,Pharrell,Rosco P. Coldchain,Clipse の歌詞へのレビュー



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曲名:Hot Damn Featuring Ab-Liva, Pharrell & Rosco P.Coldchain / Clipse 歌手:The Neptunes,Ab-Liva,Pharrell,Rosco P. Coldchain,Clipse