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よみ:ぽっぷ しっと / だーと まくがーと

Pop Sh*t / Dirt Mcgirt 歌詞

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Dirty (Verse 1):
Guess who's home, Guess who's home, Guess who's
You know what time this is, 'Ol Dirty Bustard
Do anything that moves, do anything that moves
Plug it up
Cocaine make you speakers blow
Party ends getting sniffed up
Down with a two
When there's trouble in my camp
My wires amped
High as a ramp
Stick to Wu like stamp
That wet got me damp
Pussy dark as a lamp
Moses you don't wanna temp
I see all that
I'm too drunk too
Now you like mu
Coked out in Peru
In hair like shampoo
Small like snubs
Hammer to you scrubs
Counter like stubs
Suffocates you at the clubs
Sniff box like room
My stash goes like owls
Get cream like tube
Burn your fast food
Appear in room
We'll take your panties off nude
Yes, in renewed
Big guns include
Bitch, I'm loose like lug
Dirty to the litter bug
Girls you like hugs
I don't like thugs

Pharrell (Hook):
Pop shit, nigga what's up
Pop shit, nigga what's up

Dirty (Pharrell):
Take my drink 'cause I'm about to get (Whoo)
Take my drink 'cause I'm about to get (Whoo)
Me and my niggas about to get (Suuuu)
Me and my niggas about to stop (Youuu)

Dirty (Verse 2):
All this shit is from the ghetto
Smoke Palmetto, sing like Peto
Carry the heat, throw
Scared of police-o
They tried to kill O in prison yo
Had me turned out, drugs is all about
I got this money, pour it out with Stout
I'm a loud mouth from Cali to south
Play this music on every route
Follow Dirty, I'm the way out
Catch bitches like trout, get drunk off Stout
I'm getting this money, call it getting honey
Streets of Brooklyn, it ain't a damn thing funny
Half with Ason, you bitch put me in your tummy
I'm the nigga on the porch burn about 20
Got, got me a bunny / looking good and funny
All you niggas is straight crash dummies


Dirty (Verse 3):
I was checking out my melody before the blue print
Felony a nuisance, welcome me and my two cents
Don't bubble the six states, never did a mixtape
Barrette in the trick waist, and weather we get cake
I let rap have it, fuck these rap faggots
Everybody want the kid dead like Pat Garrett
I'm a goon, speak with a mellow tone
Rock yellow stones
Gun longer than a broom
This fellon on the ride is wrong to assume
Out again like boom, government coming soon
Anything less in uncivilized like a cage-match
I'm a shooter use a stage act, got coolers in the
Aruba Norma Kaylack, twisting up that haze black
In Backwood I'm that good, rap hood, I stay strapped
Keep beef, don't carry that weight
I'm a nigga Red hate, fuck with chicks if the head


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曲名:Pop Sh*t / Dirt Mcgirt 歌手:The Neptunes,Dirt Mcgirt