THE (RUNAWAY) ARTIST 歌詞 The Higher ふりがな付

  1. 歌詞検索UtaTen
  2. The Higher
よみ:ざ (らんなうぇい) あーてぃすと


友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Standing side of the street I see her walking
away, her car and bags are packed heading
straight for LA. More of a reason to go. Less
of a reason to stay. With every mile she goes
a memory fades away. Not really hip in her
school, unsatisfied with her crowd. Only
looking for some place where she can be found.
The poetry that she writes, a different kind
of release. If they can't hear her scream,
maybe they'll hear her sing.
La La La La, La La La and I know That she
will be fine if she tries and she sang
Tne days turned into months, the months
they turned into years, on a road to fame
shedding too many tears. A few letters to
home it just wasn't the same. They even
made her change her name. Well on the way
to work, turned on the radio, and I heard a
familiar voice that I know. She had gotten her
dream and became a star and her voice rang
out from in my car.
But she's trying too hard to run away from
everything she left behind and if she's gonna
do this on her own then she leaves tonight,
And they called her a runaway.
She said, you're not gonna take away my
dream, cause I'm running away and soon
you'll see That things will be fine if I try.
You're just wasting your breath on me cause
I've made up my mind and soon you'll see
that things will be fine if I try
And they called her a runaway

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曲名:THE (RUNAWAY) ARTIST 歌手:The Higher