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Good Enough 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
verse 1.
i got my mothers skin i've got my fater eyes.
its something that i cant deny.
its nothing that i wanna hide.
and even though my roots come from the other side.
i didn't think they would mind.
coz i heard that love was blind.
so many cant understand, when it comes to me and you.
cos i don't fit their descriptions.
tell me how to change traditions.
when there's all of them and one of me.

how can I change a million minds in this lifetime.
what is it i have to do.
if i erase my history - what defines me.
if i let them change the truth.
would it be good enough for you?

verse 2.
i wish they looked at me and they could see beyond.
everything think they think i am.
coz predigree don't make a man.
don't have to dig too deep to see i'm just like you.
what is it they want from me - tell me what more can i prove - why - so many cant understand, when it comes you and i.
i don't fit in their descriptions - though i try.
to change those old traditions.
when its all of them and one of me.
(i could lie i could lie i could lie.)
let them take all i knew.
would i be good enough for you.

middle 8.

we pretend we have open minds.
yet we judge so fast.
tell me why - to live out my future - yeah, i must surrender my past.


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曲名:Good Enough 歌手:Jay Sean