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All Or Nothing 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
verse 1.
there wasn't anything i didn't love about u,
you'd do sime stupid things and i'd laugh at those too,
& we went together like the summer in june.
but who'd have known that it'd rain so soon.
thought i'd be the only one that'd make u smile,
thought i7d be the only one that'd really know how.
but u showed me different and i know better now,
i gotta get u out my system somehow.

i reply it over and over again.
u were my girl,
now we aint even friends,
u couldve been my all or nothing,
all or nothing,
now to me ur nothin,
girl u r nothing, now ur nothing.

verse 2.
put u on a pedestal,
girl p held u so high was never too good at finding the words to describe,
just how p felt for u but u know that p tried,
but somehow we went and changed inside.
u damn near were my everything ur still on my mind,
but i'd rather be here all alone and i'm doin just fine.
gotta take it.
back to the days before we met.
and live our lives as strangers again.

chorus (x2).

middle 8.

december days, my summer turned to winter.
when u went away - i can't help but wonder.
was he worth my pain - u shud know better - and i shouldve too.
and I cried,
and u cried and we tried to make it work,
almost died while we tried,
is that what our love was worth,
if i cud do it again,
i would be a better man,
now i'm living with just memories.

chorus (x2).

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曲名:All Or Nothing 歌手:Jay Sean