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よみ:ろっくん ろーりん ふぃーちゃりんぐ てっく ないん

ROCK'N ROLLIN' feat. Tech N9ne 歌詞

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Rock'n Rollin'
Rock'n Rollin'
Flow so cold that's why I'm so frozen
Rock'n Rollin'
Rock'n Rollin'
I'm a Rollin Stone with my Guns n Roses

I am like the Eagles
I am like the Beatles
If music is the heroin
Then I am like the needle
And you are Black Sabbath
Too paranoid
On the dark side of the moon like Pink Floyd
If writing is a weapon?
All my gun shoots is Led Zeppelin
Sex Pistols will whip you
Show respect like Otis Redding
Bring me back to life like Evanescence
You begging
Me I cause hysteria
I am Def Leopard
My mind is disturbed
You cannot dissect it
I deliver mayhem
The music is my method
I am Van Halen
Plus I got a healthy
appetite for destruction
Let's go

Find me at Linkin Park with Motley Crue
You say you know the what
But you do not know The Who
Pay attention you could miss it
if you Blink 182
And me I'm the one
Just like I'm U2
Unforgettable fire burning like the Wailers
My life's a motion picture
And this is just a trailer
My suits a perfect fit like it's tailored
Fuck her like an animal
I Nine Inch Nail her
That's how I came into the game and now she's pregnant
So this is why I'm Red Hot like the Chili Peppers
And this is why I rock
And this is why I'm rollin
Like a Rollin Stone with my Guns n Roses

MISING TECH N9NE'S VERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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曲名:ROCK'N ROLLIN' feat. Tech N9ne 歌手:Mims,Tech N9ne