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よみ:わん らすと きす ふぃーちゃりんぐ そらー めっしゅ

ONE LAST KISS feat. Soler Mesh 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果

Our love will live forever
Just one more word
Just one last kiss

Where do we start?
Time apart
So many years
So much heart
So many tears but still couldn't cry them
Knew I was hurt but all I did was hide them
Wish you was here to see the places I've been
I know you'd be proud to see the cars that I'm driving
The home that I live in
I know that you listening
But if you were here I wonder would it be different
What would it be like?
If I could add a few years to the times you wasn't here to experience
Just so you could see life
Man that would be like
Changing the ending of a book that we like
But that ain't the story that I wish you would rewrite
Got to keep on until he give me the green light
Living it up, but still something don't seem right
You gone in the physical
But live thru my dreams like
Every night, and every day (x2)

Our love will live forever
Just one more word
Just one kiss goodbye

Even though it's a dream to me
It still seems to be
What I perceive to be
Perfect scenery
What if you're lost could come back in a cost
But they told you the price would be whatever your fortune is
Would you spend it in a minute?
For a minute for a second
Just to ask one question of how life is in heaven
I would give it all back to the point of no return
Just to feel one hug or to here one word
It's a shame the things we learn how to value
But still we morn when there ain't now one around you
But momma I miss you
One day I will be with you
As long as I live you know you live thru my mental
I will never forget you
You know that I love you
You know that I am the man that I am because you
Before I'm a leave you see
I'm a believe
That since you ain't in the flash
You come to me in my dreams
Every night, and every day (x2)

Last night I had a dream and it felt so right
You held me in your arms and it felt so tight
And it felt so real
Why would I wake up?
I even daydream now
I don't want to stay up
So you could take me to a place where I can go
And let my mind draw the picture that I control
Cause I'm dreaming
Yes I'm dreaming
If you catch me asleep
Just leave me
Every night!

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曲名:ONE LAST KISS feat. Soler Mesh 歌手:Mims,Soler Mesh