Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yea featuring Nas 歌詞 Keyshia Cole,Nas ふりがな付

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  3. Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yea featuring Nas歌詞
よみ:おーおー, やーやー ふぃーちゃりんぐ なず

Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yea featuring Nas 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
You know what I wonder sometimes
Like do you know how far we can go
If you could only believe in me
Yeah imagine that

(Verse 1)
Did you know that I meant when I said when I
Told you I loved you, loved you
And did you know I was at least sincere
When I couldn't go creepin' creepin' around
And everything that I told you I'd be for you
I could really be for you baby
Just give me give me give me your chance and

Let me show you
How I really feel
Really feel for you
You are everything
Got me singin'
"Oh-oh, year-yea"

Can you hear me

(Verse 2)
So do you know I really wanna be here for you
Any time you call on me baby
And did you know we could be anything we want
If you (only could believe in us saying)
"Give me your love"
Don't, no, no, don't, baby don't walk out
Just give me your chance


(Rap - Nas)
She says, "Nas, show me the inside of your Benz"
I'm just trynna show you trust
And the beauty of being friends
They just wanna love you and leave you
Cut it and sleaze ya
Tell the world how they beat ya
I'm trynna show you some'n deeper
Movie night at the crib
Double feature
Turn off your phone
You could moan
We in the love-makin'-marathon
You gettin' head should never known
In the streets I need chrome and ammunition
But at home, you just want me to listen
Check it
Your friends is hatin' cuz they fella datin'
Messin' wit ya concentration
And it kills 'em that I'm ya fascication
Picture life as my wife just think
Four left sable, seven carats in your navel
Ballers inside the club try to sing you they best
With tattoos on your chest spellin' N-A-S
Tannin', no bikini in the sands of Fiji
Miami in my Lamborghini
KC, believe me

That's why you got me singin'
"Oh-oh, yeah-yea"
Come on baby
I know you hear me
I know you hear me

You know
All I needed you to do is believe in us
You know what I'm sayin'
I guess that's the way love goes

Oh baby
All I really wanted you to do is believe in me

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曲名:Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yea featuring Nas 歌手:Keyshia Cole,Nas