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よみ:でぃす いず あす

This Is Us 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
I'm like a Sunday morning you're like Friday night
And when we kiss the perfect weekend no rain in sight
When I'm feeling incomplete you're my missing piece
And when you need your breath taken away
I'll be your thief

From the start to the end we don't need to pretend
That we're perfect all the time
Cause we know what we have
Through the good and the bad
It's the strength that you can't deny

I don't need to find a million reasons why
This is us, this is us
And this is how we love
Some ways we're different but together we're so right
This is us, this is us
And this is how we love

And even if we're far apart we'll never feel alone
Just like the moonstars rising our hearts bring us home
We can always find each other like the northern star
Doesn't matter where we are out love can go that far


We don't always see eye to eye
You must see a million colors
I just see black and white
Ain't no way we could get much higher
Cause when we touch it feels like fire
We both know how good this feels
Yes we do baby cause
This is you this is me
This is us

Baby this is how we love
This is us, this is us
This is how we love

This is how we love

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曲名:This Is Us 歌手:Keyshia Cole