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よみ:びゅーてぃふる みゅーじっく

Beautiful Music 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Eh eh eh eh oh oh oh

Every time I see your face
Ever since that day we met
Stars flying everywhere
Gotta get my chance with you boy
You seem to be the one for me
Let's make it happen baby

No one else can do what you can do
No one else can feel what I can feel
Only you
Baby yeah
And I seem to not have control
And I don't think I want to

Baby she don't have to know
What we've been up to
And he don't have to know
What we've been up
Beautiful music
Let's make beautiful music

Check this out my love
Everything feels so right
Everything seems like we could work it out
Love the time that
The two of us has shared
Let's make it happen baby


The beat of your music's so right
Every time I feel the rhythm in my soul
There ain't no way you won't feel the magic work
Let's dance all night yeah

Give me your love
Give me your love
I know why I stay around cause I'm deeply in love
With the way you make me feel and I stop pretty girls
Holding my hips
Kissing my lips don't stop
I love the smile you're killin' me off with the style
I swear I can't pay to get off you
And I know you're diggin' me I'm priceless
I got my own cars, cribs and my rocks are flowing


Can you feel it
Can you feel it
Eh eh eh eh oh oh oh(Repeat)

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曲名:Beautiful Music 歌手:Keyshia Cole